Just like tips, gifts are always gratefully appreciated, but never required. If you feel moved to bring a special item for me, here are some things I love.

  • Visit my wishlist on Amazon.com
  • Dark chocolate, especially with toffee, caramel, or orange (but please, no coconut or coffee!)
  • Gift cards to Amazon, Torrid, Sephora, or spas in the Seattle area such as Aveda or Gene Juarez
  • High-quality essential-oil candles: lavender, citrus, cinnamon, clove, vanilla
  • Anything from Rosarium Blends, especially their Erotic Apothecary line (this is a gift for us both!)
  • Velvet Swing lubricant and Velvet Kiss tincture
  • Aged port or champagne (if you’d like to share it during a session, please check in with me in advance!)