As a companion, I see a lot of clients who are seeking…something…more in their lives. For some, it’s a sense of connection to themselves or their loved ones; for others, there’s a longing for a deeper relationship to the Divine. For still others, there are medical or emotional blocks between them and their desires. Unfortunately, the very container that allows me to see those disconnections and yearnings prevents me from offering anything more than my time and companionship.

As a Sacred Intimate, however, it is my pleasure, my calling, and my duty to help you reconnect what is disconnected and heal what is wounded. Here, I can merge my skills as erotic companion, Priestess, sexological bodyworker, and peer counselor to offer you my fullest expression of sacred, passionate healing. In this container, we can rediscover your deepest self, bring you back into your marvelous body, and reawaken your erotic, loving spirit.

After nearly four years of study, I completed my training as a priestess of Aphrodite, and was initiated as a Hierophant in January 2018. I proudly walk the path of the Sacred Whore in service to Aphrodite, Lilith, and Babalon. My additional magical training includes studying Anderson Feri witchcraft with a local elder, and my journey as an initiated member of the Fellowship of the Phoenix.

Somatic Sex Education and Intimacy Coaching through Sacred Intimacy

As I said, this is the container where everything merges. As a Sacred Intimate, it is my joy and my duty to offer you all of my training, skill, and power to help you find peace and passion within yourself. In this space, I can act as your connection to the Divine through ecstasy; as your Priestess, I hold space for you to release whatever is not serving you now; as a bodyworker, I bring you into wholeness within your body and spirit, or any combination.

If you’re struggling to connect deeply—or at all—with your body or loved ones; if you want to name and ask for and direct and grow your own erotic development; if you’re struggling to work through sexual issues or trauma, I can help.

How is a Sacred Intimate Session Different than a Companion Session?

In the container of Sacred Intimacy, I offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound embodied and even ecstatic states. I’ll encourage you to let go into the work, rather than staying “in control,” as I lead you through directed bodywork and embodiment exercises, guided meditations, sacred witnessing, and discussion. Touch may be more one-way, as I help you discover your body’s nuances. A Sacred Intimate session is not about simply getting off, it’s about getting in.

Unlike a companion sessions, a Sacred Intimate session is a minimum of 90 minutes long, although depending on the client and the intention, longer sessions may be advisable. Pricing varies depending on the work needed, but prepaid session packages are available at a discounted rate.

Holding a Safer Spacebodywork4

“It takes courage to show up and become who you really are.”
—e.e. cummings

If you are on this page and thinking about working with me as a Sacred Intimate, you are already brave. If you are considering changing how you love yourself and others, you are courageous. If you want to find the parts of you that life and the world have hidden and silenced, I salute you.

Challenging and changing our beliefs about ourselves can be scary. It requires us to face our shadows, to look at the parts we’ve tried not to see, to listen to the voice within we’ve tried to muffle. I cannot make that “safe” for you, because if an experience doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,

What I can offer you is a “safer space.” Dr. Dan Seigel, PhD, developed the acronym COAL to describe an attitude of curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love. I promise to create an environment that offers space for both of us to embody these four qualities. I promise to hold our time together in confidentiality and to give exquisite attention to your emotional state. I promise to respect your boundaries. I promise to offer you the best emotional support and education I can, within my limits as a trauma-informed coach, priestess, and lover.