Hello, darling, and welcome to the home of a companion who is, in all ways, here for you!

I’m here to help you reconnect and reclaim your deepest desires. What is it that you long for? Do you crave connection? Intimacy? Erotic freedom? A taste of magic? Have you been aching to ignite the sacred fire of passion?

As your companion, I welcome and celebrate all bodies, genders, and sexual orientations. It’s my delight to give you pleasure, passion, and peace. I have a quick wit, creative soul, and a deep desire to please. I am a trained bodyworker, priestess of Aphrodite, and somatic intimacy coach. I hold a B.A. from UW, but after an eternity in the corporate world, I decided to explore the world of somatic sexual healing. This almost inevitably led me to the world of sacred intimacy and final to becoming a companion. In my world, pleasure is something we all deserve, and far too few of us receive. Let’s see if we can change that together, shall we?

I love to play different roles, and I might just have a costume or two to help create whatever mood you desire. I tend to be submissive, but I can also be a wicked Domina if you want to experience being topped by a woman with over 10 years of experience in the kink community. No matter who’s on top, though, I adore sensual play. My toybox holds lovely tools to excite your body, from satin and feathers to floggers and talons…or we can leave the toys alone and I’ll drive you wild with just what the gods gave me.

I’m into hardcore, full-frontal nerdity. Typically, you’ll find me spending of my free time reading, immersed in sci-fi and fantasy books when I’m not geeking out over Dan Siegel’s cutting-edge research on interpersonal neurobiology or theories of somatic trauma. While I rarely watch TV, I’ve been known to binge-watch more than one series. I prefer the MCU to DC, refuse to acknowledge the existence of Star Wars Episodes 1-3, and have an embarrassing number of memes, song lyrics, and bits of British humor stored in my brain. Other core beliefs include firmly believing in the Oxford comma; doing no harm (but taking no shit); and in kissing like Bull Durham, with long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.

Like most Geminis, I’ve pursued many passions. I’ve scuba dived with sea lions in Cabo san Lucas, danced at Renaissance Faires (in a corset, of course!), created masquerade masks and costumes, written poetry, been owned by cats, competed in several triathlons, and done karaoke stone cold sober (it was terrifying). I identify as an INFP, if you find the Myers-Briggs a useful tool. Furthermore, I’m a bibliophile and an omnivore, and I prefer my chocolate dark, my vodka iced, and my rum spiced. I’ve traveled to Europe, Canada, and Mexico, and loved them all.

I’m (finally!) on Twitter, so if you want to see the daily randomness of my brain, come follow me!

I offer here two poems that move me deeply. I hope you enjoy them. 

I was made from sex.
There is no shame. In such a creation.

~nayyirah waheed, “clean”

I have known despair
I value hope

I have tasted frustration
I value fulfillment

I have been lonely
I value love

~Leonard Nimoy, “Because”